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Industry 4.0 and IoT

Industry 4.0 is driven and enabled by networking the Internet and hence using real-time data for better decision. At the very core Industry 4.0 includes the partial transfer of autonomous decisions to “local intelligence”: IoT devices and Machines

Zero-error rate

As a result, the target of a zero-error rate is now within reach. Machine failures also become a thing of the past, for the data that is available allows a preventive maintenance strategy and planning that avoids unplanned and unpredictable downtimes. Production can be run around the clock at maximum capacity. The “factory of the future” secures a competitive advantage for itself as a result of quicker production cycles, higher throughput with a reduced inventory and lower costs.

Capture data directly from machines

Customised solutions are designed and implemented allowing SMEs to capture data directly from machines. This greatly increase data accuracy and allow creation of real-time reporting enhancing speed of decision taking

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