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For SMEs operating across Asia, Enterprise ERP offers up to 1,500 functionalities with customized and onsite support implemented “on premise.”

Laconic’s Enterprise ERP plan is a perpetual licensing model that allows you to use our licensed ERP system indefinitely.

This model allows your organization to host the software on your own servers and provides your business with a well-defined Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Covering all processes

          ✔ INPUT : Procurement : Source, Trigger, Order, Receive, Store, Account For and Pay

          ✔ MAKE : Production : Make product, Deliver Service, Affect Change and Get result

          ✔ SELL : Front End : Display, Create Demand, Promote, Position, Market, Margin

Support all process, from Procurement input (Buy), Production transformation (Make/do), Front End output (Sell) or Plan, Store, Manage, Deliver and Support.

Key features of Enterprise ERP

          ✔ Professional Business Management product using very robust technology

          ✔ Built on a highly scalable JAVA platform

          ✔ Customizable functionalities and training

          ✔ Full license ownership; have your own Oracle database with unlimited number of users

          ✔ Installed on your server and includes a unique and secure URL access


Example of Business Functionalities





Inventory Management


Bill of Material

Work in Progress


The Enterprise ERP Solution is Suitable for

          ✔ Suitable for medium to large SMEs mostly operating within the Thai market and that require only BUY and SELL functionalities

          ✔ Large enterprises operating regionally or even globally that need a full range of BUY, SELL and MAKE functionalities

          ✔ Enterprise ERP is a “must-have” investment vehicle when seeking capital injection from investors or targeting a public listing. Note that some of our customers are currently in the process of being listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) using our customized functionalities to match reporting requirements

          ✔ We also provide a B2B platform that allows large enterprises to share relevant data in real time with their customers and suppliers


How we work

          ✔  Our sales team builds a relationship of trust with prospective Customer Decision Makers and Project Leaders

          ✔  Free on-site assessment

          ✔  Product and services selection

          ✔  Execute contractual agreement

          ✔  Project design

          ✔  Configure

          ✔  Validate

          ✔  Transition

          ✔  Realization


                  Please contact us to learn more about pricing

Contact Sales

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Kathy NG
(+66)9 9182 5267

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