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Laconic Technology Co., Ltd.’s ERP solutions are designed to deliver affordable and scalable development tools that provide real-time data to make more traceable decisions.


✔ Performs traceable decision-making at all levels

Allows the right decision-maker to make fully traceable operational decisions 24/7 using customized dashboards that capture all of your business information on a single, scalable system.

✔ Empowers entire organization

Creates a flexible environment empowering your entire workforce to make faster and more informed decisions with ERP mobile access and integrated business analytics. This allows business owners and top management personnel to focus on business development-related matters instead of micromanaging.

✔ Keeps stakeholders fully integrated

Integrates, automates, prioritizes and executes the business processes of your upstream (Suppliers) and downstream (Customers) using our B2B data exchange platform.

✔ Real-time data capture

Using our Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

ERP Benefits



Profit Margin 5-10% Stock Level 15-40%
Delivery On Time 90-98% Material Shortage 60-80%
Labor Productivity 15-20% Production Cost 7-12%

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