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Enterprise - ERP

Enterprise ERP

For SMEs operating across Asia, Enterprise ERP offers up to 1,500 functionalities with customized and onsite support implemented “on premise.”



For SMEs seeking affordable cloud ERP mobile solutions, our ERPaaS offers up to 300 bundled functionalities with rented license and uses our Partners’ complementary supporting services.

CRM on Cloud

CRM on Cloud

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) help you building relationships with your customers by utilizing technology and employing resources rationally. . The CRM is focused on sales and customer service processes…

Icon Business Applications

Business Applications

These days, organizations rely on more than one application to support their business processes. And software systems used by an organization need to be integrated together in order to best support and optimize these processes.

Challenges Solved

Challenges Solved

Laconic Technology Co., Ltd.’s ERP solutions are designed to bring affordable and scalable development tools that provide real-time data to make more traceable decisions.

Icon IoT


Customised solutions are designed and implemented allowing SMEs to capture data directly from machines. This greatly increase data accuracy and allow creation of real-time reporting enhancing speed of decision taking.

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We offer a comprehensive ERP implementation and support framework for our core products and the specialized solutions developed around them to ensure you get the most out of your IT investment.

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