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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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Starting from Now: Build a bridge between you and your customers

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What is CRM system?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, meaning building relationships with customers by utilizing technology and employing resources rationally, the goal of the CRM is focused on sales and customer service processes, including collecting data on spending behavior and customer needs, to bring that information to analyze and use it for the benefit of product or service development. The final goal of CRM development is the transition from consumer to customer.

Key Features

Key features of Laconic CRM:

✔ Manage Company Profile

✔ Manage Customer Information

✔ Customer 360 Information in One Page
    – Calendar Events, task and meeting management by Calendar, easy management by generating Task & Meeting Report in One Click
    – Service customer in Motion
    – Business Card Recognition (English)
    – Data Generation of Business Opportunities
    – Event/Activity Data Generation

✔ Data Generation of Sales Order

✔ Contacts Import and Export

✔ Marketing Email, Templates and Customized E-mail/SMS Marketing Messages

✔ View statistical analysis results in numbers, percentages, graphs and charts.
    – Customer profile analysis, RFM customer analysis, New & Returning customers
    – Company profile analysis, RFM company analysis
    – Sales and Interpurchase Interval analysis
    – Opportunities analysis

✔ Anywhere Anytime, our CRM is based on cloud, or Software as a Service (SaaS), you can access by internet in anytime, anywhere and anydevices, by computer, laptop, tablet and phone, no operating system limitation.


Benefits of CRM:

✔ CRM helps you get to know your customers, the right CRM can save and monitor customer interactions, simple task and event monitoring, CRM makes long-term customer loyalty
✔ CRM makes the most of your time, because you can do so much using a CRM system that will save you time and get more productive, easy anticipate potential customers tracking
✔ CRM lets you manage email effectively, a great CRM will let you take control of your email with easy integration, templates, and mass emails for Sales and Marketing purposes
✔ CRM gives you a big business power, CRM continuously increases the sales of your company’s products and services.
✔ CRM helps to organize a centralized customer database, whether salespeople or marketing staff have left, the new employees can continue to manage the database, no data loss, no stumble your business but continued to grow

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UI Example:

CRM-Example UI-login page
Log in page
CRM-Example UI-homepage
CRM-Example UI-Company profile
Company profiles, Customer profiles
CRM-Example UI-Email marketing
Email marketing and sales
CRM-Example UI-Service Customer in Motion
Manage calendar and event
CRM-Example UI-Opportunities Analysis
Data analysis dashboard


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