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Multi-Level Expertise

Our team has thorough expertise in various software and applications, but also maintains in-depth knowledge of the latest business practices. This helps you right from the start in streamlining your operations, selecting a package that best suits your needs, and extracting maximum business advantages from your technological investment.

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Choice and Customization

We help you customize our product to suit your unique requirements, including designing screens and reports, developing add-on programs, and integrating them with existing systems.

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Business Understanding

Years of implementation experience across various industries have equipped us with the capabilities to quickly gain insights into your business so we can recommend ways to increase your business efficiency and improve productivity fast.

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End-to-end solution

We provide a complete range of services, starting from business requirement analysis to training and ongoing support. Our single-vendor approach helps you reduce complexity and administrative overheads and costs, while ensuring you get the best service.

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Total Cost of Ownership and ROI

Whether or not you consider pre-operational software and license purchases to be Capital Expenses (CAPEX), your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and related Return on Investment (ROI) will be fully transparent. Our ERP products are affordable and highly cost-effective, and we have the resources to manage and mitigate the following associated costs:

          ✔  Networking, workstation, and server hardware and software

          ✔  Installation and integration of hardware and software

          ✔  Data migration

          ✔  Risk management of potential vulnerabilities, upgrade availability, patch and future license management

          ✔  Downtime and outages

          ✔  Backup systems’ management and recovery

          ✔  Training

          ✔  Process auditing costs (internal and external)

          ✔  Process re-engineering

          ✔  Stand-in and special personnel

          ✔  Project management

          ✔  Future upgrade or scalability expenses

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